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Website Design Process

Website Design Process

Each project can vary depending upon the added services but for the website design itself, the below process is followed:

Step 1- Website Process

A meeting is held to discuss the business brand, including the color scheme and style. The goals for the website and target audience are established and 70-90% of the content is received. The agreement form and 50% deposit is due to start the project.

Step 2- Website Process

The designer provides input and assistance with the content provided to establish the branding and marketing strategy to connect with the target audience. The designer then creates the design draft of the website.

Step 3- Website Process

A phone meeting is held to review the website draft. The client then compiles a list of edits and submits them via email to the designer for completion. Once the edits are complete the designer will notify the client via email.

Step 4- Website Process

Once the website is approved, the final approval form and balance are due for the designer to publish the site live on the client’s domain/server. Then the designer will create and submit a sitemap to Google to start the ranking process.

The designer can then provide training on how to make edits if you opted for the WordPress or ecommerce website design package. If the client does not have the time or energy to edit the site, the designer could make any future edits as needed for an hourly website maintenance fee.