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Animated GIF Stickers for Business

Animated GIF Stickers for Business


Antsy Ant designs custom animated GIF files that are electronic stickers. These animated files (stickers) can be uploaded to GIPHY, which allows the stickers to be searched by the public via Instagram Stories, Snapchat, Twitter’s GIF button, Facebook Messenger and other various platforms. The stickers are tagged or labeled allowing the public to use the stickers on their social media story image.

Why would your business need stickers?

Having custom animated stickers designed for your business logo or event will get you maximum exposure, especially via the popular social media platforms Instagram and Snapchat. In addition to your logo, you can have other relevant brand or image stickers created and animated with local hot spots or popular trends.

How Does The Process Work?

Animated GIF Stickers

Antsy Ant will assist with opening a brand account for your business where the GIFS will be published. Once your account is approved, your profile will be set up with your logo, website link and social media links.

Animated GIF Stickers

A phone meeting will be held to establish the sticker and animation ideas to best appeal to your demographic, which have the best chances of being searched and used to go viral.

Animated GIF Stickers

Antsy Ant will design and animate your business custom stickers and send a proof for review. You get up to 2 rounds of edits.

Animated GIF Stickers

Once you approve the stickers, Antsy Ant will post the stickers on your brand account with tags. These tags will be provided to you to share with customers for use on their favorite social media platforms.

How will your customers use the stickers?


Custom event stickers can be used alone or along with a hashtag /mention. Your event should showcase the tag details so guests can use the stickers to share in the fun on their social media stories.

On-Site Promotion

Run a promotion on-site using a custom sticker and have customers show staff their story with the sticker published or have them mention your business in their story to get a discount.

Location & Fun

Fun relevant image stickers and/or location stickers for special natural attractions or scenic hot spots can be created along with your animated logo. The stickers will be tagged so when the location or activity is searched for in GIF, your stickers will come up.

Animated GIF Stickers

Businesses that can benefit from stickers...

Stickers work for any business that people would be taking pictures at to post on social media.

Restaurants, Bars & Cafes
Retail Brands
Tour Companies
Car Rental
Kayak Rental
Moped Rental
Personal Trainers & Coaches
Pop-Up Businesses
Museums & Zoos
Beach Rental

Types of events stickers can be used for...

Sports Competitions
Block Parties
Corporate Parties
Marathons & Runs
Fundraising Events
Tradeshows & Expos
City Sponsored Events
Grand Openings
Seminars & Meetings